Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NJ: Another Mayor Endorses Christie's Cap 2.5

Ramsey Mayor Christopher Botta is another mayor backing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's proposed Cap 2.5 constitutional amendment and Reform Agenda. In this video message, Mayor Botta says that rising taxes is the number one issue in his town. Residents are worried that if property taxes continue to increase, they won't be able to afford living in Ramsey much longer.

Quick Facts on Ramsey:

  • Over the last ten years property taxes have had an average annual increase of 5.6%
  • The average homeowner paid $10,389 in property taxes in 2009
  • If Cap 2.5 were in place in 2009, homeowners would have saved approximately $2,691.

Mayor Botta believes that Cap 2.5 will give him more ability to control spending and will give his residents the power to decide how their tax dollars should be spent. In this video, Mayor Botta also touches on the need for arbitration reform to be included in Governor Christie's complete reform agenda.

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