Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Regional Leaders Gather For CCGOP Team

Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie, and DeCristofaro

We recently enjoyed a lovely evening with Camden County Freeholder candidates Scot DeCristofaro and George Zallie, along with Surrogate Candidate Christine Leone-Zwillinger who were on hand for a fundraiser hosted by the Dilworth Paxson law firm in Philadelphia (see some photos from the event, above).

We were part of a group of more than 75 people from across the Delaware Valley. The reception welcomed people from Camden, Burlington, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Why would people from other counties (and from another state) be interested in this? Well, for one reason, both George and Scot are business owners who understand the struggles that face small business and regular citizens in Camden County and in New Jersey.

CCGOP Chair Rick DiMichele made this observation: "As the Zallie-DeCristofaro team stood in the high-rise center city building and gazed out toward Camden County they noticed that the tallest building in Camden City is the government building. Camden City hall is symbolic of the Democrats’ growth plan for Camden County - bigger and larger government with no regard to the onerous taxes killing the private sector."

Our point is simple: One-party rule is not good for Camden County. Our county will benefit from a robust two-party rivalry and and healthy two-party government. So long as the minority party presents us with good, solid, intelligent, viable candidates, I'm willing to support them in the interests of balance and fairness. These three candidates are good candidates. They are worthy of our support.

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