Thursday, June 17, 2010

Runyan Calls For Balanced Budget Amendment

Declaring politicians in Washington either unable or unwilling to control runaway spending that is bankrupting the country and jeopardizing the American Dream for future generations, Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan (NJ-3) today announced his support for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution as a mechanism to force government to live within its means, just like average Americans must do.

Runyan also proposed requiring a two-third supermajority of both the House and Senate to pass any tax increase and a “Red Ink Taskforce” that would be charged with a thorough review of all federal spending. According to Runyan’s proposal, the task force would be given one-year to complete the review and submit a list of recommendations to Congress and the President, which would then be required to give each recommendation and up-or-down vote prior to the 2012 November election.

“The excessive spending by career politicians in Washington has reached an unsustainable level,” said Runyan, citing figures according to

“The current national debt exceeds $13 trillion, which amounts to more than $42,000 for every man, woman and child; and nearly $120,000 per taxpayer. The federal government is addicted to spending money they don’t have and its threatening to kill the American Dream that this country was built on. I’m running for Congress to do something about it.”

Runyan’s proposed requirement of a congressional supermajority to raise taxes would make it more difficult for one party or the other to shove through irresponsible, unpopular tax increases and bring more accountability to Congress. Additionally, his proposal for a “Red Ink Taskforce,” inspired, in part, by President Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Grace Commission, would force Members of Congress to walk the walk on eliminating government waste by requiring up-or-down votes on recommendations made by the task force.

“Everyone in Washington talks a good game about cutting taxes and eliminating government waste,” said Runyan, who credited primary opponent Justin Murphy with raising the Grace Commission-idea that led him to propose the “Red Ink Taskforce.”

“But, my requirement of a supermajority to raise taxes, as well as forcing an up-or-down vote on recommendations to eliminate waste would force them to walk the walk. The American people want accountability in Washington and my proposals will help bring it about.”

Runyan said his opponent, Congressman John Adler, helped create New Jersey’s culture of reckless spending and skyrocketing debt, and that he couldn’t be trusted to fix the problems we face in Washington, DC.

“John Adler voted to rubberstamp budgets from Jon Corzine and Jim McGreevey that sent state spending and state debt soaring in New Jersey, leaving us in an awful fiscal mess,” said Runyan.

“Now he’s in Washington, DC voting with Nancy Pelosi to do the same thing to our country. After more than 20 years in elected office, it’s time for John Adler to go.”

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