Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toomey Launches Massive Grassroots Effort

Today, Team Toomey will launch a massive grassroots effort across 18 Pennsylvania counties showing support for Pat Toomey for the U. S. Senate.
In a sign of its swelling grassroots support, over 300 volunteers will knock on over 30,000 doors to talk to voters and engage them in the election process. Team Toomey will join together with the campaign of Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett and many Republican congressional campaigns around Pennsylvania to launch the Great Door Knocking Campaign of 2010. The campaign will be expanded across the Commonwealth over the next couple of months.
“I am very grateful for the enthusiastic support I have received from people all across the Commonwealth,” Pat Toomey said. “It tells you something about the mood of Pennsylvania when people are willing to take time on a Saturday to volunteer. It is because of the strong enthusiasm of our volunteers and voters across the Commonwealth that I am confident we will be victorious in November.”

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