Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pat Toomey: 'Israel Must Defend Itself'

Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Pat Toomey has just released this statement on recent events on the Middle East:
“Any loss of life is regrettable, but I fully support Israel’s right to defend itself.
"Supporters of the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorist group clearly would like to find a way to deliver weapons to Hamas in Gaza. Israel has a right to stop ships to prevent this from happening.
"Israel offered the ship a port and promised to deliver the humanitarian aid, but militant activists on the ship intentionally provoked a battle instead. Although much of the world community wants to deny it, Israel has a legitimate right to self-defense, and it is exercising that right in the waters near Gaza.
"I refuse to join the ‘blame Israel first’ crowd. America must stand by its ally in our mutual fight against international terrorism.”

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