Saturday, April 13, 2019

ANOTHER NJ Gas Tax Hike Looming? OMG!

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is considering new “mileage fees” to pay for a shortfall in his infrastructure budget.
According to the state treasurer, tax revenues look like they’re falling short of this year’s $1.5 billion highway fuels revenue target. This shortfall could trigger yet another automatic gas tax hike to make up the difference.
Governor Murphy described finding a new way to tax people on their travel as, finding a different mouse trap to capture the movement around this state.
NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt questioned, “The Governor needs a better mousetrap to capture traffic movement? Hardly. It’s just another tax trap to capture more of your hard earned dollars! New Jersey is the highest taxed state in the nation. We don’t need new mousetraps, we need honest solutions. Start with the repeal of the automatic tax increase put into place by a bunch of government bureaucrats. Finally, if the Governor really needs to know “where people are going”, try lower cost states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina."

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