Friday, April 12, 2019

Liberal Word Games; A Guide To True Meanings!

Liberals like to play word games.
It's their way of deflecting arguments away from the real issues. It also buys time for them and it gives them a chance to argue things on their terms while they continue to fuel their relentless propaganda machine.
Liberals also know that if you can control and command the language, you can stay in charge.
Right now they're hung up on the term "spying" which Attorney General William Barr correctly used during a recent congressional hearing and which he correctly identified as "improper surveillance."
You see, the Democrats don't really want to talk about whether or not the FBI or some other agency or agencies of the federal government really did "spy" on the Trump presidential campaign -- a question that Barr finds legitimate and a question he wants the answer to.
No, they want to talk about the AG's used of the word "spying".
And they want to obsess over the word -- define it, clarify it, explain it, defend it, expand upon it --etc, etc, etc.
But Barr did define the term and he did say that he thinks some sort of spying may have occurred and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Liberals can't accept this. They simply can't face it. So, they're going to make this all about the term itself, Barr's use of the term, and, by extension, his credibility and his fitness to hold the job as the nation's top law enforcement officer. It's all a ruse.
This is the way liberals (aka Democrats) play the game when they have few or no cards left to deal.
With them, it's always a word game.
Just so you can keep up with all this liberal obfuscation, we offer you a partial translation guide to invented liberal terms, words and phrases and what they really mean:

reproductive rights - abortion
investing in our future - raising taxes
community - liberal allies
food insecurity - hungry
income inequality - some people make more money than others
disparity - any difference that liberals find unacceptable
gun reform - gun control
at risk - any person or group ripe for liberal exploitation, potential "victims"
community organizer - disrupter, troublemaker
inclusive, inclusiveness - excluding whites; particularly white heterosexual males, Christians
empowering people - making them dependent on government and/or liberal programs
troubled youth - likely gang members, juvenile delinquents
undocumented - illegal
underserved communities - candidates for liberal handouts
common effort - makers pay more taxes so takers can take more
privilege - economic success
dark money - contributions to conservative causes
gender reassignment - sex change
affirmative action - preferential treatment
teachable moment - exoneration for liberals who get caught
fetus - yet-to-be-born baby, baby in mother's womb
xenophobe - Americans who believe we should put our country's interest first
progressive - bigger government, less personal freedom, higher taxes, more regulation
LGBTQ - non-heterosexual, anything other than straight
binary - male or female, yes or no, Democrat or Republican, straight or gay, black or white
non-binary - something else

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