Monday, April 22, 2019

Ten Things The Media Got Wrong -- And More!

“The prestige press has some explaining to do — for subjecting the nation to a long, cruel ordeal named ‘collusion’ and ‘obstruction,’” Sohrab Ahmari writes in the New York Post.

“All that remains of collusion and obstruction is the media’s shattered credibility. The errant reporters and pundits — the ones who peddled the most outrageous falsehoods — want nothing more than to move on. But not so fast: There has to be some accountability for the biggest foul-ups.”

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“Over a century of Easter tradition will continue at the White House on Monday morning, where thousands are gathering for the annual Easter Egg Roll,” Alejandro Alvarez reports for WTOP. “The White House’s largest annual event is expected to bring more than 30,000 people to the South Lawn — including President Donald Trump, who is slated to join the celebration with First Lady Melania Trump later this morning alongside the Easter bunny.” 
“It’s time for Democrats and the country to move past the Russia collusion narrative and for the media to fess up. If we are not going to respect the outcome of the Mueller report, then what was the point of the whole exercise?” writes former Bill Clinton adviser Mark Penn in The Hill. “The country deserves a Congress focused not on investigations but on issues such as health care, infrastructure and immigration.” 
“As more families enter the country illegally, it costs the U.S. Border Patrol more to take care of them,” Anna Giaritelli reports for the Washington Examiner. “Agents apprehended 25,000 immigrants traveling as parts of families in southwestern Arizona over the past six months and expect to spend four times as much on food, baby products, and on-site medical care in 2019 as it did last year.”

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