Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hmmm . . . We May Have To Rename EVERYTHING!

From a fine column by our dear friend Christine Flowers which appears in the Delco Daily Times:
Well, about 50 some years ago, a young gay man (they were called homosexuals then) wrote a letter to the civil rights leader and explained how he was troubled about his sexual orientation. The Reverend King did not tell this young man that he should accept himself and glory in his identity as a homosexual. King actually implied that the young man was psychologically ill, and needed help. He did it, of course, in the kindest of ways.

So who's ready to rename Martin Luther King Drive back to West River Drive?

And then you have Richie Ashburn, who apparently acted in a racist and deeply disrespectful manner toward Jackie Robinson back when Number 42 was the first black man to integrate the majors. Who's ready to help me remove his statue at Citizens Bank Park?And President Obama used to have a problem with same-sex marriage, until he checked his polling numbers and decided that he was all for the wedded bliss of Adam and Steve. Can we pull down that weird portrait of his from the White House? (or is it too early?

And George Washington held slaves. Want to take up a collection for the dynamite to blast Mount Rushmore to smithereens?
You see the idiocy of these attempts to whitewash history and the dishonesty of the people who are on that simple-minded crusade?
Don’t let the Poobahs of Political Correctness lead you to believe that it is a good thing that Kate Smith’s statue is gone. Don’t give them that respect, unless each and every one of them is willing to rename a river drive, exile a Hall of Famer, cover up a portrait and detonate TNT on the side of a famous mountain.
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