Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Bidens: This Is Exploitative -- And Creepy!

Get a load of the photo below depicting the Bidens recently visiting President and Mrs. Carter in Georgia. The Bidens happened to be campaigning in Georgia and they thought they'd just "drop in" on Jimmy and Rosalynn. Well, we all know you don't just "drop in" on a nonagenarian former First Couple. The whole thing had to be arranged. In fact, it seems it was nothing more than a setup.
We feel sorry for the Carters because we feel they were used.
Yes, it certainly seems the Bidens exploited them for political purposes. They're clearly old and frail and the photo is just this side of painful. It's as if their privacy (and they certainly have a right to same) was violated.
No doubt t the Carters are pleased that a Democrat president is back in the White House. But it's a shame that they (or whoever is responsible for them and their schedule) allowed this to happen.
And we'll just leave you to make your own judgement about Jill Biden's lemon tree dress. That's a whole 'nother story, folks!

And  now, since the photo is so painful, let's interject a bit of much-needed humor and have some fun with it. Perhaps the visit would have been a lot more jovial if Bernie had been along, huh? That would have certainly enlivened things!

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