Friday, December 21, 2007

Anna Nicole And The Top Ten

I hate year-end lists.
But this is the season for them so get ready. We're about to be inundated.
The Associated Press has just released its list of the top ten news stories of 2007. I doubt that you'll be surprised as to which stories made the top ten or even which story was chosen as the biggest news story of the year.
But here's something to think about: Among pop-culture stories the Anna Nicole Smith saga topped the list. And, Anna Nicole came in at number 32 among all stories for the year.
Imagine: Among all of the many news stories of the year (national and international) Anna Nicole Smith's death not only made the top 100 but it was also in the top third!
Cogitate on that for awhile!

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Unknown said...

I was pleased to see that Virginia Tech eeked out the competition. It was tough, especially with so many of the Spears children making so many big mistakes (so late in the year at that).

But seriously, I have to say that I'm disappointed at how the media in general skimmed over my top story of the year -- Lisa Nowak. Remember her? That story had everything you need. Space travel, romance, intrigue, diapers, hammers, driving sequences! Wow that was a great story. The American media really let her off the hook, considering how easily people become celebrities nowadays. She hasn't made any of the top-10 lists I've seen.