Friday, December 28, 2007

Eroding Joisey

New Joisey is not simply awash in red ink but its also losing residents and population at an alarming rate.
In fact according to the just-released U. S. Census figures Blue, Blue Joisey is now one of only four states with a negative population flow. In each of the past two years the number of people leaving Joisey has exceeded those arriving by 70,000. In the latest year on record Joisey's population increased by only two-tenths of one percent -- barely enough to register. And immigration (not residents arriving from other states) is the only reason why Joisey's population has increased at all.
This trend has been steady since 2002 and just happens to coincide with the rule of Democrat Governors in the state. So there is no way that Joisey's wacky Governor Jon Corzine can blame this on anyone but himself and his predecessor, Jim McGreevey.
Under iron-fisted Democrat rule New Joisey gets far lets back from the federal government than it contributes in taxes, falls further and further into debt, experiences the highest property taxes in the nation, watches countless public officials carted off to jail for corruption, remains the butt of jokes and looses more residents every year.
Congratulations, Blue Jersey! Keep moving along the current course and see where it get you.

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