Saturday, December 15, 2007

Families United

Bev Perlson wanted to give her son, John, a special gift for his birthday - He is serving in Afghanistan. She decided to show him how much she supported his mission - defending and protecting America. Bev decided to take a stand in front of the Cannon Office Building in Washington that houses Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Office. In case you haven't heard Nancy ("I'm a mom and gandmom.") Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.
Bev Perlson chose to play patriotic music and carry signs that said "I'm proud of my son" and "Fund the Troops". Bev arranged for a permit for the corner and during the week of December 10- 14 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm she proudly showed her colors each day! On Tuesday and Wednesday members of a group called Families United (families of servicemen and women) stood beside Bev and sang Happy Birthday to her son, John.
According to Bev: "My son over in Afghanistan said "give 'em hell ma! They are gambling with our lives!!!" Bev's aim was to make Speaker Pelosi "as uncomfortable as she is making our soldiers for one whole week!"
Isn't it interesting that this story was never reported by the mainstream media?
You can read more about it at the Families United website.

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