Sunday, December 2, 2007


When is enough, enough?
That's the question that comes to mind as I consider the return of Dom Imus to radio (and RFD-TV) tomorrow, Monday December 5.
Imus made a complete fool of himself eight months ago and he provided those of us who teach and practice public relations with a vivid lesson in how not to make friends and influence people. The repeated Imus mea culpas that followed only seemed to make things worse. It was one of those situations where you wanted to cry out: "Go away, go away; go far, far away."
And thankfully Imus did go away, for awhile.
But I suppose the cranky old blabbermouth still thinks he has something to prove. And there are still people who are willing to pay him to try. The free market doesn't always please all of us. And free speech (such as it is) is sometimes not very pretty.

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