Friday, December 21, 2007

Those Soggy Soft Pretzels

All of the Wawa stores (especially the newer, bigger ones) are wonderful as far as I'm concerned. They're clean and bright. The coffee is decent and the hoagies are fine. Plus, the service is quick and friendly. I particularly like the touch-screen sandwich ordering stations. Very efficient.
And yet, here's where Wawa falls down: soft pretzels.
Those bready, soggy excuses for Philly soft pretzels that sit and sweat at the Wawa checkout counters are truly sad. Don't even think about eating them. It's bad enough just to have to look at them. It makes you want to divert your eyes.
If Wawa can create a passably convincing grab-n-go milkshake why can't Wawa stores sell real Philly soft pretzels? I'm sure the chain can contract with an authentic Philly soft pretzel maker. Wawa is such an integral part of life in the Philadelphia region that its bastardization of the soft pretzel is almost sacrilegious.
C'mon Wawa -- you can do better!

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