Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The (re)Emergence of Martha

Martha Stewart is everywhere this Christmas: At Macy's and K-Mart, on her own daytime TV show, on Sirius satellite radio and on The Today Show. The former Martha Helen Kostyra of Jersey City remains a stellar American success story.
Yes, Martha Stewart is a convicted felon. And yes, Martha Stewart paid her debt to society and learned valuable lessons. Anyone who thought Martha would disappear simply didn't understand the strength, determination and confidence of this savvy Polish-American daughter of New Joisey. (And by the way, Martha has always been very proud of her ethnic roots.)
So, Martha Stewart's story is inspiring. And, Martha herself remains hugely appealing: classy, insightful, and wonderfully calming. Martha Stewart has made the everyday, seemingly mundane aspects of life interesting and engaging once again.
Even if you never try any of the crafts or recipes or designer tips that Martha has to offer it makes you feel good just to gaze into her world and know that we truly can find beauty and comfort everywhere.
Merry Christmas, Martha!

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