Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Speaking Of Doctors . . .

The difference in the way the public perceives doctors vs. lawyers has always amazed me.
A good lawyer can literally save your life, your reputation, your fortune. your home, your business. And yet the lawyer gets little or no credit for this.
But if a doctor spends four minutes with you, diagnoses your ailment, gives you some medicine and helps you to feel better in a few days -- whoa! The doctor is a healer! He or she has laid his or her hands on you and cured you.
And do you really think that people would wait endlessly in dreary sitting rooms with uncomfortable furniture reading dog-eared, outdated magazines just to see a lawyer? Yet, people do this all the time for doctors.
Hey, doctors are great. We can't live without them.
But let's give some credit to the unheralded (and often anonymous) lawyers, OK?

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