Monday, December 31, 2007

Jotting As Life

And finally, this from The Grand Surprise, The Journals of Leo Lerman:
Why do I seriously jot things down? . . . Because I collect. This is like wandering the margins of the sea and filling a sack with pebbles, shells, bits of glass and wood - the detritus. Why? A deep need for security? Acquisition - but that is a result, not a cause. The passion for living - perhaps that is the reason. Has it all been sort of breathing, a confirmation of living, a will to be permanent, to go on forever, one with not wanting to go to sleep, the longing for that one extra moment, one extra day, that one moment more pleaded for so poignantly and pitifully by Madame Du Barry. (I think it was she.) All I ever wanted was one extra moment, and then another, and then another, and another . . . to read to the end of the chapter before the lights went out.
As we face the new year may we all have countless extra moments and may the lights always shine brightly for us.

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