Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Advertising is everywhere these days.
Most recently I noticed an ad for Desperate Housewives and ABC-TV on the line designating my parking place as I got out of my car outside of a local restaurant. As I looked down to make sure that I parked within the lines, there was a pitch for me to tune into the latest episode.
Then just the other day I saw that magazines in the doctor's office are "sponsored" by area businesses. In other words, the cover of the magazine is partially obscured by a sponsorship band that announces that this magazine is placed in the office by "John's Car Wash" or somesuch. Jeez, can't the doctors afford to provide their own magazines?
Of course, ads are already ubiquitous in rest rooms - in stalls, over urinals and even on the urinal drain trap.
And people have even "sold" parts of their bodies for tattooed ads.
Ads at movies theaters are among the saddest additions. The whole point of paying for a movie is not having to endure ads or commercials.
Where does it end?

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