Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BBC Calls About Harry

The other day the BBC called me.
Yes, the BBC, or as it is known across the pond, the Beeb.
Beth Ryder from the BBC show World Have Your Say wanted me to elaborate regarding my views on Prince Harry's recent antics and questionable use of language. Harry was clowning around with his buds in the British Army.
I told Beth that Harry exhibits the exuberance of youth. He's a lively chap who wants to get along with his mates and wants to be thought of as a chum. So, he pokes fun at others, makes jokes at his own expense, engages in pranks and acts much like a normal twentysomething guy.
Hey, I spend a good deal of time around twentysomethings.
These young people are still changing, experimenting, growing and evolving. They're unfinished. That often makes them (thank goodness!) a good deal more spontaneous than the rest of us. And their spontaneity is part of their appeal.
And, in Harry's case these young people are serving their nation and are often under a good deal of stress. On top of it all, Harry has suffered an egregious loss during his young life.
So, let's cut him (and his friends) a break.
And let's bit a bit more understanding of the generation that is now just emerging.
Let's give them a wide berth, and a chance to learn.


mjloehrer said...

Mr. Cirucci: I saw a picture of Prince Harry smoking a ciggie the other day; maybe on your post. Anyway, cigarette is my segue for you to comment on today's post from Michelle Malkin. I would like to read your thoughts on the S-chip bill from the Dems. According to MM, and I agree, Obama is already planning on taxation for the poor with his massive tobacco taxes. I look forward to reading your comments. MJHawkeye

Dan Cirucci said...

Yes, Harry has been pictured smoking and Obama smokes as well.
People have been known to smoke, drink. curse, misbehave and even have sex.
You know what Bette Davis once said when she was asked: "Do you smoke after sex?"
Davis answered: "Not that I'm aware of."
Anyway, I will retrieve Malkin's column and write something about it.