Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Faith In Democracy

I drove by a synagogue today that displayed a huge sign out front.
With the Star of David in the background and big block letters up front, it said: "We stand for Israel's peace and security."
A bit further up the road another sign proclaimed the same message.
I thought to myself - what a wonderful idea! The survival of the State of Israel is vital to the cause of democracy and freedom. Everybody should be reminded of that fact.
Indeed, faith communities should not hesitate to strongly reaffirm and freely announce their beliefs and interests, especially in these troubled and threatening times.
So let's see more expressions such as this.
And let's hope that the Catholic community will begin asserting its interests as well, particularly with regard to the sanctity of human life.
If messages such as these set one person to thinking about these issues in a new way (or thinking about them at all) then it's worth it.
And let those who so loudly preach tolerance and understanding show some tolerance of and understanding toward these points of view. That would be an important first step!

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