Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glorious Realm Of Sayde

We braved the bitter cold last night (What ever happened to global warming?) to venture into Philly's hip Northern Liberties neighborhood where the Philadelphia Bar Association convened a spectacular cocktail reception and dinner at the beautiful Cescaphe Ballroom to honor Chancellor Sayde Joy Ladov (pictured with husband, David Ladov).
We would report on everyone who was at the gala affair but everyone was at the event which makes it near impossible for us to mention everyone here. Sayde has so many friends (and no one ever says "no" to Sayde) that just about everyone was invited and all who were invited showed up. Well, they must have known they would be treated to a spectacular array of food and drink and a program poking gentle fun at the honoree -- a program that proved to be irresistible.
Kudos today go to former Chancellor and Pepper Hamilton partner Frank Devine who appeared as part of the program as Sayde's long-lost Irish Catholic sister, Mary Francis (or was it Mary Katherine?). Using makeup, costume, and props that included two cantaloupes (Don't ask. . . ) Frank delivered a powerpoint presentation that you'll never see in any board room.
By the end of the affair Queen Sayde ruled over the evening and her kingdom as she donned her crown and waved her scepter declaring that the joyous reign of Sayde would last until roughly this time next year.
One thing's for sure: Every day in every way the reign of Ladov will be an effervescent adventure unlike any other.
BTW: For the best, most complete story on Sayde read Paul Kazaras' beautifully detailed tribute in The Philadelphia Lawyer magazine.

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