Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kind Words For Barack

Some people seem to feel I haven't always been fair (or even nice) to Barack Obama.
And maybe I haven't.
But from time to time I have given him credit.
In fact, just about a year ago (January 26, 2007) on this blog I called Obama a "helluva fighter" and all but predicted he would win the nomination and implied he might win the the election as well. Here's what I said:
Barack Obama's victory in the South Carolina Democrat primary can only be described as devastating. It was a crushing triumph: two-to-one; a huge mandate.
In his victory speech Obama never mentioned the Clintons by name but his shots at the Clintons were clear as he declared the election a contest between "the past and the future" and said the real test was not about "how much time you've spent in Washington or your proximity to the White House" but whether you could bring people together and provide real hope for the future. And then Obama added that we must turn away from the politics that tells us that "you can't even admit that a Republican had an idea, even if it was an idea you never believed in."
Even though Obama used a teleprompter to make his remarks, it must be noted that we haven't heard oratory like this in a long time. Quite impressive.
Tomorrow's endorsement of Obama by Caroline Kennedy in a New York Times op-ed (where she says he will be "a President like my father") will add another boost to his campaign.
Be sure of it: This is a helluva fight and - this is one helluva fighter.

So, there you are.
Don't think I don't recognize and respect this man's talents and abilities. I do.

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