Monday, January 12, 2009

Corzine Numbers Look Bad

Jon Corzine enters his re-election with worse numbers than Jim Florio and more New Jerseyans believing the state is on the wrong track than at the same time in 1993.
Voters seem to be disappointed with Corzine’s string of broken promises and may be figuring out that his tax hikes and big spending have made a bad situation worse.
But it often takes Joisey voters a long time to connect the dots, if at all.
Will they get it? And will they be angry enough to throw the bum out?
Certainly, Corzine seems to be in trouble among the all-important group of independent voters.
And Christopher Christie is a worthy opponent.
Here are the poll figures:
1993 Jim Florio Job Approval: 36% Excellent/Good; 60% Fair/Poor
2009 Jon Corzine Job Approval: 32% Excellent/Good; 66% Fair/Poor
Among Only Independent Voters - Florio 1993: 34% Excellent/Good; 62% Fair/Poor
Corzine 2009: 19% Excellent/Good; 78% Fair/Poor
Right Track/Wrong Track - 1993: 48% Right Track; 45% Wrong Track
2009: 25% Right Track; 65% Wrong Track
Among Ind Voters - 1993: 43% Right Track; 45% Wrong Track
2009: 9% Right Track; 81% Wrong Track
Source: Eagleton Poll, February 1993 ( and FDU Poll, January 2009 (

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