Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is Michelle Overdressed?

Dare I say that Michelle Obama is overdressed for the Inaugural ceremony?
Dare I say it?
I dunno.
Some people say Michelle seems dressed for the Inaugural Ball, not for the morning and afternoon festivities.
She is beaded and bejeweled.
Michelle seems dressed for the Balls tonight.
And Jill Biden (with boots) seems dressed for a football game.
BTW: President George H. W. Bush looks downright goofy with that hat he's wearing. Couldn't he find a better, more appropriate chapeau?
Laura Bush looks wonderful, as always, in a muted, sensible wool suit guaranteed not to upstage.
And Barbara Bush is her usual inimitable self.
Hillary Clinton also looks great and most appropriate.
Coming onto the Inaugural platform Obama is still wearing his leather gloves and is shaking hands with all the Very Important People there without removing his gloves. Someone should have told him to remove the gloves. Only Queen Elizabeth shakes hands that way.
More: Aretha Franklin (with that great bow on her hat) looks wonderful as you might expect.


Anonymous said...

She looks fabulous, and it's better to overdress than underdress, but she's overdressed today. A little less bling would have been more appropriate for the tone her husband's administration will hopefully set.

Sean Schafer said...

Aretha's bow was ridiculous. She looked like an oversized christmas present who didn't belong with the rest of the boxes. And I'm just not a fan of gospelizing Patriotic songs. Gospel music is great, patriotic songs are great, together... nah. And I could have done without the whole symphony etc... Give me the damn speech. That's what I came for. God, it was like the undercard for the De La Hoya-Pacquiao fight; slow-moving, old and bad. And just like that fight-night the main event was pretty boring as well.

I honestly think he is too good of a speaker. His speeches are becoming banal and he hasn't been the President for a whole day yet.

Anonymous said...

SS: You are way too funny but on a day like today I need it more than ever.

Dan Cirucci said...

Shawn is giving us some funny comments and revealing observations today -- good chuckles. I just think that Aretha looked the way you expect (and want) Aretha to look and that's all part of being a star.
Yes, Shawn - he IS a wonderful speaker. And so that makes it all the more important for the speech to match the soeaker. Today, the speech and the speaker didn't match. The Great Orator was handed a less-than-great speech.