Friday, June 13, 2008

Another JFK?

The photo that you see here of John F. Kennedy is one of several that I took in June, 1960 at a Democrat Party dinner in Camden, New Jersey.
I've never shown any of these photos publicly before.
This is Kennedy much as we remember him, striking a contemplative pose that makes us wonder: Who is he, really? Why are we so drawn to him?
When I met him, I knew there was something different.
He didn’t seem full of himself like so many public figures. In fact, he seemed shy and awkward in the public spotlight. He’d lower his shoulders a bit and thrust his hands into the pockets of his suit jacket. He’d look away for a moment and appeared lost or detached, almost to the point where you wanted to help him.
And then he’d look your way and start to speak. The eyes, the hair, that smile, those teeth, the voice with its distinctive accent – in no time at all you found yourself cheering for him. This man seemed to be completely without hubris.
On that June evening 48 years ago all eyes were on Kennedy. I found many, including my father, referring to him as "another Roosevelt."
Now some people feel that the Democrat Party has found itself another Kennedy.
But I was there. I was with Kennedy. I heard him. I met him. I saw him.
And I can tell you this: In terms of charisma and stature and leadership the only man who came close to Kennedy in my lifetime has been Ronald Reagan.
Another JFK? I don't think so. Not now. Not this time around.
Photo: copyright 2008 Dan Cirucci

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