Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama: Osama Has Rights

Obama's been having a difficult time explaining the rights of Osama.
Obama doesn't think we should "make a martyr" of Osama but Obama admits that we will have to read Osama his Miranda rights. And Obama seems to think we should try Osama in a court of law, just like someone charged with any other crime. (You may remember that this is precisely the course of action followed by Clinton and you may also remember that September 11 followed.)
Obama says it's not that he doesn't want to nail Osama. It's just that Obama agrees with the screwy Supreme Court decision which would extend Habeus Corpus rights to Osama.
It took three Obama advisers chattering away on a conference call to try to delicately explain Obama's highly nuanced position on Osama.
On Tuesday, John Kerry (you remember him) and Richard Clarke offered a similar reading of Osama's rights.
Rudy Giuliani said he was "startled" by Kerry's acknowledgment that Bin Laden would be given Habeas rights at Guantanamo under last week's Supreme Court ruling.
Because Obama agrees with last week's decision and McCain does not, Giuliani said Kerry's remarks on behalf of Obama were a reminder of "what we would have in store for us if we have a Democratic presidency."

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