Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Real Treasure

The longer one lives the more stuff one accumulates.
It you don't get rid of your stuff, it piles up.
Sooner of later you have to decide what to do with it.
I recently collected a whole bunch of my stuff and threw it out. After I started tossing the first few items, the rest was easy. Yes, I recycled whatever I could. I donated a lot to various non-profit and charitable groups and I sold a good deal of stuff at a couple of yard sales.
But there was still some stuff left over, stuff I couldn't part with.
So I decided to get a small storage unit for my stuff.
And I found something I never knew existed: a condo for stuff. Oh, I know there are large storage facilities all over the country. I've seen them before. But this is different. This is no collection of rinky-dink mini garages. This is Treasure Island.
Treasure Island is an enclosed, multi-story, brightly lit, gleaming, climate controlled condo for stuff. Treasure Island has its own welcoming lobby and convenient storage docks and its own spacious elevators. Stuff is stored away in a near-pristine atmosphere. There are small, medium and large condos for your stuff at Treasure Island. It's breathtaking.
It's no accident that Treasure Island is the fastest growing tri-state provider of self storage for the business, student and local markets.
When you finally get all your stuff together in its cozy new home and you roll down the bright metal door to your stuff condo, you'll feel better - and so will your stuff.
I recommend it!

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