Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bravo, Nino Rota!

You are listening to the music of the great Nino Rota, composer of all of the wonderful music for the films of Federico Fellini. This particular piece is from the Fellini masterpiece, Amarcord.
Rota's music is so rich, so lush, so entertwined with the films, the life, the incredible fantasies of Fellini.
The marriage of Rota's music and Fellini's films represented one of the great creative partnerships of our time. Rota's music has such tremendous range, moving from symphonic to whimsical to mysterious to outlandish, from somber to joyous, from uplifting to haunting. The music is like life itself - often unexpected and surprising by turns but always fascinating.
I return to this music again and again and it enriches me and invigorates me.
Get your hands on (or download) the complete CD of Nino Rota's music for the films of Fellini.
I promise: You won't be disappointed!

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