Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last night a couple of gals who I am thisclose to went to see Sex And The City, the movie, and I went along with them.
To begin with, I've never seen the TV show of the same name.
It was never something that attracted my interest, Besides, I don't subscribe to HBO. Frankly, I think HBO is a total waste: sensationalistic, endlessly huckstered and overrated.
Still, like everyone else I was familiar with the SATC characters. How could I not be? They've been virtually unavoidable for years now. And I was curious to see what all the commotion was about.
Anyway, this flick is basically a two-hour plus estrogen festival.
For about 150 minutes is goes like this: talk, talk, talk, fashion, fashion, feelings, feelings, talk, talk about feeling, talk about fashion, talk, feelings, feelings, [sex] fashion, talk, talk, talk, feelings, feelings, fashion, talk, talk, talk about feelings, fashion, fashion, [sex] talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.
I'm always suspicious of a movie that contains lots of narration. This is usually a sure sign of a bad script. The endless narration here (by the Sarah Jessica Parker character) is terminally tedious. Sarah herself is a strange looking gal. You wonder how she came to be this sort of modern-day icon. She's not really pretty and some might say not even attractive.
There is little or no character development in this movie and even less of a plot. Nothing much really happens except a group of women friends travel in and out of each other's lives, try on clothes, talk a lot and (once in a great moon) actually have sex with guys they don't seem to like very much. It's all very shallow.
One might say that this movie will teach you that: 1) Men need women more than women need men; and 2) Women support and nurture one another better than men do. But, hey - I already understood both of these facts and I also understand that this is why women will almost always outlive men. I needed no lesson in this.
Bottom line: Women really are the stronger sex. Don't forget it, guys!

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