Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Happened?

'What Happened."
When I hear the title of ex-White House press secretary Scott McClellan's book and think about the hypocritical behavior of people like McClellan and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, I want to ask, "What happened?"
What happened to loyalty?
What happened to any sense of traditional, ethical judgment?
What happened to the concept of serving others instead of serving yourself?

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Anonymous said...

Yo, Dan,it's your new p-E-n mailpal, "at loggerheads": "Servant" and loyalty are two different kinds of service. Make a note of this: I AGREE with you that professional ethics compels us to act when we are asked to cross the line. McClellan never had a chance to quit; if you will recall he had to resign so that a new mouthpiece could be hired who wouldn't be vulnerable to being called as a witness on the potentially impeachable and criminal act of Cheney/Libby disclosing the identity of a CIA covert agent. How quickly we forget. As to Richardson, one of my guys I'm proud to say, was loyal while with the Clintons and helped Bill by his talent for negotiations with foreign nations whose interest were sometime inimical to those of the USA. He didn't sign up for indentured servitude; he was hired and completed his job specs. Scott's a whole other kettle of rotten fish who should have quit-not unlike Colin Powell who also remained silent while having knowledge that he owed his country to reveal. As for Dole's scathing attack, it's way out of line because he chose to attack the low man in the hierarchy-not a word about Powell? and who knows if McClellan did it only for the money and not out of a belated attack of conscience and patriotism? So if you want to overlook the truth of Scott's book to divert the readers, that's certainly the Republican way. Pleasae leave Richardson to us. One thing is certain-youwouldn't do what McC. did and I know you would teach your students "to betray their own words" You are one of the best press/communications professional ever and every Philadelphia lawyer and the profession, is proud that you represented our public profile. I won't bore you with how public servants can choose to support others at a later date and under different circumstances. A debate on that would be useful to the blogosphere!