Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Odor Limits

Last night we visited Philadelphia's University City Science Center where we explored "Odor Limits," the current exhibit at the Center's Esther M. Klein Art Gallery. This unusual tour and reception was sponsored by the Philadelphia Public Relations Association, the Science Center and the Monell Chemical Senses Center.
Odor Limits is a multimedia exhibition that examines the potential of smell to redefine aesthetic experience. The exhibit is presented through a collaboration between University City’s Science Center and Monell Center and showcases four international artists whose work demonstrates how scent can prompt thought-provoking insights into cultural differences, environmentalism, personal identity, spirituality and the philosophy of the body.
Curated by Jim Drobnick and Jennifer, Odor Limits features works by artists Oswaldo MaciĆ”, Jenny Marketou, Chrysanne Stathacos (art work pictured) and Clara Ursitti.
This is not your typical art exhibit. Rather, it is a sensory experience involving sight, smell and touch. Some of the scents which are part of these works of art were easy for me to identify while others were not. I'm not going to give away the scents that are featured. That's for you to discover when you visit Odor Limits, as I hope you will.
BTW: The Odor Limits cell phone tour allows you to hear the curators and participating artists discuss the exhibition and the artworks, as well as listen to scientific commentary from several Monell olfactory scientists.
The exhibit is free and open to the public Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5 at the Science Center at 36th and Market Sts.
Special thanks to Bill Cowen and Metrospective Communications for doing such a fine job of promoting this exhibition which runs through June 28.

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