Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bubba Snobs OH!man

The mainstream media, talk radio and the blogs are abuzz with speculation about Bill Clinton's barely-tepid support of the OH!man. Clinton issued a statement through a spokesperson saying of course he wants to see the OH!man elected and, of course he'll do whatever he can to help him get elected.
But that's it. No direct comment from Bubba himself. No rousing endorsement. No campaigning. Nothing.
Hey, Clinton doesn't have to do anything for anybody if he doesn't want to. President Clinton is the only Democrat since FDR to serve two terms as President. He's the only Democrat President since 1936 to be re-elected to a second term. You can say what you will about him (and I will note that he never received more than 50% of the presidential vote) but you cannot deny Bubba's political achievements.
Long before Obamamania, Clinton was a political sensation.
If I were Bubba, I'd let the OH!man wait and wait and wait for my full-fledged backing.

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