Saturday, June 28, 2008

Retro Eatery Is Tops!

People come from all over to enjoy Weber's [Root Beer] Drive In.
Weber's is located in Pennsauken, New Jersey on Route 38 just over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge about five miles from Philadelphia.
The other day I found myself at Weber's where I enjoyed a hamburger, fries and a milk shake. You can have a nice meal (right at your car window) at Webers for about six or seven bucks.
But don't take my word for it. Read this review from a Brooklynite posted on
Weber's is a pretty cool place. I usually stop here for a couple of steamed dogs and a hamburger when I'm heading back from Philly to Brooklyn. The menu is limited to hot dogs, hamburgers, roast pork sandwiches, fries and the like. Their two big attractions are the drive-in service (like Arnold's in Happy Days) and the homemade root beer which has some nice spice. Now as a Brooklynite it's my natural duty to say that the dogs don't beat Gray's however for steamed dogs they're pretty good and the chopped raw onion sprinkled with some salt makes a world of difference. Service is impeccable. Everyone from the waitress to the grill people are polite and go out of their way to make you happy. Just pull in, flash your headlights a few times (if you want car service) and wallah [sic] your order is taken and delivered in minutes. My only complaints are that they don't serve onion rings, pickles and diet root beer. Not a deal killer but certainly a setback. You should also be aware that when driving on Route 38 Weber's comes up fast. Try and stay on the right side and go semi-slow. Weber's is seasonal. I believe they're open from April to October. Having lunch and being able to stretch and inhale the combination of hot dogs/fries, traffic on Rt 38 and the trees is a nice way to kill thirty or so minutes

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