Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dress Lightly

I hate talking about the weather.
It's really a stupid, boring topic. And there's not much we can do about it anyway.
Plus, you've probably already figured out that I pretty much don't believe in either global warming or climate change Phooey!
But yesterday in Philly the temperature hit 97 and it tied a record, hon! Cheez, it was hot! Felt more like Vegas than Pil'elphia. Know what I mean?
We're expected to get some relief today but it's still hot.
Well, the local TV weathercasters (and Philly has about 357 of 'em) have been yappin and squawkin 'bout the weather like a buncha tropical birds.
Hey, it's not like there aren't places to cool off. For example, I escaped it all by taking a brisk midday walk through the Mall - very comfortable and refreshing, thank you.
And on Monday, a group of us known as the Anne Klein Senior [PR] Counselors Alliance enjoyed a wonderful luncheon/discussion program within the very cool confines of Maggiano's Little Italy. No, I'm not talkin bout that Anne Klein. I'm talking about the legendary PR guru Anne Sceia Klein who founded the Anne Klein Communications Group which is part of Pinnacle worldwide, an international corporation of independent public relations firms with offices in more than 60 major cities throughout the world. Gerry Klein, John Moscatelli and Mike Gross (all of Anne Klein Group) presided over the discussion. Participants included seasoned PR experts (and trusted friends) Susan Baltake and Shirley Bonnem, among others. The temperature was right, the food was good and the compnay was right.
Besides, I learn so much from my colleagues in the profession that no matter how hot the weather, an afternoon with them is always kewel.

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