Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yo, Gimme Some Fries!

If you can find better cheese fries than the ones at Tony Lukes on Oregon Ave. near the stadiums in South Philadelphia will you please let me know. I stopped by Tony Luke's last night for a cheesesteak and fries and once again marvelled at those magnificent cheese fries. They are served crisp and piping hot. The waitress warns you: "They've VERY hot, hon - be careful!"
But you can't resist digging into them. The cheese whiz is sooo fresh n gooey and if folds over the fries (and slowly makes its way toward the bottom of the plate) in a sort of dreamy junkfood symphony.
Of course the cheese never really reaches the bottom of the plate because you've eaten it all up (along with the fries) before it gets there.
Incredibly, these fries never get soggy and they don't seem to stick together either. The fries and the cheese are in perfect harmony. Or, to quote Stephen Sondheim: "Parallel lines that meet side by side, by side . . ."
And as for that cheesesteak on fresh baked bread - well, I'll save that story for another time.

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