Monday, June 9, 2008

Blood In The Water

I'm always amazed at how the media participate in the destruction of one or another public figure and then ask: "What happened?" or "What went wrong?" - as if they had no part in it.
They love to see the mighty fall. And they certainly do play a role.
And this is what happened with Hillary Clinton. Once her enemies saw that she was vulnerable, that was the beginning of the end. As soon as they saw an opening, they began to move in for the kill.
Yes, she and her husband made their share of enemies over the years. But most of those enemies were cowards. They didn't have the guts to confront Bubba & Co. They patiently waited until their prey was weakened. Then, they began to set the stage for the destruction.
It was sad and pitiful to watch.
But now, what's even sadder - and sicker - is the hypocritical postmortem: Watching these same people pick at the corpse and ask "My, my, what happened here?"
They rise only to fall. Sadly, it sometimes seems that this is the one and only certainty of our media-saturated age.
Bravo to those who take a stand one way or another and fight the good fight.
Shame on those who lurk in the shadows, pretending to be friends or disinterested bystanders while at the same time participating in the kill.

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