Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog Predicted Obama's Popularity

Just about a year ago, a majority of the readers of this blog accurately predicted where Obama's popularity would be now.
Remember -- Obama's popularity was exceptionally high when he took office. He was scoring in the 70s.
We asked: "What will Barack Obama's popularity be in January, 2010?"
About 52% felt his popularity would be 50% or less.
And, indeed Obama's popularity has dropped below 50%!
Nearly a quarter (23%) said his popularity would be only 30 to 40%.
And then another 12% saw him at less than 30%.
So, more than a third -- 35% of the respondents -- actually saw President Obama's popularity at 40% or less. That's quite low. But, as we move toward the first anniversary of Obama's inauguration, his popularity may actually drift into those low 40s and high 30s.
That's a real danger zone.
For now, though -- congratulations to our readers for accurately pegging the President's popularity one year out.

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