Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Newest, Best Tiger Jokes!

I just figured out who the secret father of Octomom's kids is . . . Tiger Woods!

Tiger picked up two new sponsors. He took them for the money, even though he doesn't use the products...Trojan Condoms and Viagra.

Nike just announced they are producing a new "Elin Signature" line of golf clubs guaranteed to beat Tiger.

Tag Heuer watches announced it will continue its association with Tiger Woods. Although Woods had many affairs, he was never late for any of them.

Global consulting firm Accenture ended its relationship with Tiger Woods. Fortunately, Woods has a real knack for starting new relationships.

What's the difference between Tiger Woods and other married men?
Tiger is awesome at golf.

Elin Nordegren asked her marriage counselor why, next time, she should go after Tiger with a 9-iron instead of the 3-iron she used the morning after thanksgiving?
The counselor said “Because, now you’re closer to the green.”

Houston's new openly gay Mayor may be the only blonde in America safe from the sexual advances of Tiger Woods.


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