Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Society Weekened, NYC

We headed up to New York over the weekend (along with Adam Cirucci) to attend the events surrounding the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Society at the Waldorf Astoria.
Since Adam is intimately involved with the workings of Pennsylvania government (as Communications Director for State Senator Andy Dinniman) we allowed him to take the lead in guiding us through the maze of receptions and events surrounding the Society's weekend confab.
Having maneuvered our way through a full day of Society events, all we can say is "Whew!"
We began on Friday at ESPN Zone on Times Square with the Pennsylvania Society Scrimmage sponsored by the law firm of Buchanan Ingersoll. There, we met and chatted with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Buchanan partner and Philadelphia Bar Association Vice Chancellor Rudy Garcia and Dan Hirschhorn, reporter, editor and publisher of PA2010.com. In the crowd we also spotted Philadelphia City Councilman Frank Rizzo.
Then it was on to the Jack Wagner for Governor reception at the Waldorf. While we enjoyed more eats and drinks as we met Jack Wagner and members of his family and we also chatted with former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Abe Reich and Philadelphia Common Pleas Court President Judge Pamela Dembe.
We then decided to take a brief break from our party rounds and we ran into Comcast honcho and honcha David L. Cohen and Charisse Lillie. Both seemed to be hurrying from one event to another.
Soon, we were back alongside Cole Porter's piano near the Waldorf lobby and into the Hilton Room where we enjoyed the Dan Onorato Reception. While there we chatted with Montgomery County Controller Diane B. Morgan and Philadelphia's newly elected District Attorney Seth Williams.
By this time one event was blending into another and we began to lose track of people, places and events.
We saw former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Michael Pratt rushing to the Cozen O'Connor law firm reception at the 21 Club. We ran into Frank Messina and Greg Cirillo and Ralph Wellington and Bonnie Squires and Scott Sigmund.
Then we found ourselves at the big IBEW Reception where we were welcomed by Johnny Dougherty and we chatted with Natalie Klyashtorny and Kera Walters and Jeff Jubelirer.
But soon it was time for the Blank Rome law firm reception at the Intercontinental Hotel. So we braved sub-freezing temperatures to leave the Waldorf and head one block south where we found former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Larry Beaser and Chancellor-elect Scott Cooper (both Blank Rome partners) along with Abe and Sherri Reich, Steve Sheller and Lynn Marks of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts.
By this time the parade of luminaries was becoming staggering: Judge Gene Cohen, broadcaster and Lt. Governor candidate Joe Watkins, Pennsylvania Society Executive Director Carol, Fitzgerald, Mark Alderman, former State Senators Rob Rovner and Bob Jubelirer, NAACP Director J. Whyatt Mondesire, Kim Jessum and Jim Wells, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, City GOP leaders Michael Meehan and Vito Canuso, State Representative Kathy Manderino and of course State Senator Andy Dinniman and his lovely wife, Margo.
Before we knew it midnight was approaching.
Yes, we were tempted to attend something called Joe Hoeffel After Dark at the W Hotel but we just couldn't make it.
If you've never attended Pennsylvania Society weekend in New York there is no way to explain it to you. Suffice it to say that it attracts thousands of participants to dozens of venues all over midtown Manhattan and it includes nearly all of the Commonwealth's movers and shakers.
And this was only Friday.
The events continued throughout the day on Saturday as well!

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Unknown said...

Hi, Dan - great wrap-up of PA Society Weekend! And be sure to see my photo spread in this week's PUBLIC RECORD!-Bonnie Squires