Monday, December 7, 2009

More Tiger Woods Jokes!

Because you asked for them, here are more Tiger Woods, jokes courtesy of Daily Comedy:

When asked how the recent car accident/beat down had affected his playing ability, Tiger said, "Well, my long game is still pretty good. i just need to focus on getting my putz down."

Tiger Woods new caddie is now his wife. She will let him know when he can use his wood.

Tiger Woods latest (alleged) mistress to come forth, Mindy Lawton, confided to a gossip mag that the golfer was "well endowed".
I thought everyone already knew he was extremely rich.

Did you know Tiger Woods is no longer the best golfer in the world? Its true his wife beat him last week using only one club.

Tiger Woods told friends today how he is not his wife's punching bag as the media has made him out to be . " I can take care of myself in a fight with Elin . Last night I showed her how tough I really am . I snapped my chin down on her fist , then I hit her in the knee with my stomach , and finally smashed her in the elbow with my nose ! "

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