Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mayor Platt: Reject Hatemongers

A special message from Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt:
First and foremost, I want everyone to know that I condemn all groups that participate in hateful rhetoric steeped in intolerance.
With that said, our community will be the target of a well-known Hate group looking to draw publicity for their despicable ideology on Monday.
As the Mayor of this Township, I’m disgusted by anyone who tries to undermine the fabric of our community by espousing division and distrust.

Over the last week, I’ve heard from our spiritual leaders, the Chief of Police, and the School District and we are all in agreement: This Hate group should not be afforded our attention.
The best thing for our community to do is turn our backs on these individuals, thereby rejecting their divisive intolerance and denying them the publicity they hunger.

Cherry Hill, for many years, has been a community that believes that everyone has the right to peace and tolerance. We are a town built upon the virtues of our strong, diverse neighborhoods and those virtues will not be corrupted by a radical, fringe group from Topeka, Kansas.

On Monday, the Cherry Hill Police Department will ensure civility and security in the Township. Our law enforcement officers will be out at the protest area and will be in attendance during the half-hour protest.

Again, we are an inclusive community that believes everyone has the right to peace and tolerance. This protest is an affront to our common humanity and I implore our community to not engage this group and provide them with additional media attention.”

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