Friday, December 18, 2009

Smirking, Franken Muzzles Lieberman

Senator John McCain came to the defense of Joe Lieberman on the Senate floor after far left Minnesota Senator Al Franken cut Lieberman off.
McCain says he has never seen this happen in his 20 years in the Senate.
But then again we've never had a Senator like Al Franken.
Al Franken is a disgrace to the people of Minnesota and an insult to sensible thinking people everywhere.
It's sad that the Democrat party is so desperate for power (and that all-important 60th vote) that it would embrace somebody like Franken.
Al Franken isn't fit to shine John McCain's shoes, let alone preside over the US Senate. Shame on him!

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin

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Tom Degan said...

Al Franken is, I believe, the very type of person the Founding Fathers had in mind as the ideal public servant when they initiated this bold experiment in democratic self-government two-hundred and thirty-three years ago this Saturday: a concerned citizen who would put aside his plowshares (or in Al's case, his Stuart Smalley costume) and head off to the nation's capital to legislate for the people. The thing that has always struck me when reading his books (and I've read them all) is his almost schoolboy-like attachment to - and belief in - all that is good in this country and its potential to do better.

At the conclusion of his 2005 book, The Truth (with jokes), Al wrote a letter dated October 2, 2015 to his three, yet-to-be-born grandchildren:

"Both my parents worked hard and had to overcome adversity in their lives. Like almost everyone does. My Mom developed rheumatoid arthritis at an early age and was in constant pain most of her life. She was married on crutches. Still, she told us, "It's a great life if you don't weaken." And she didn't. After my brother and I were old enough, she became a real estate agent. At dinner, she made sure we had meat and always - ALWAYS - a fresh vegetable. At the table she would tell us about business and things like "redlining." Banks wouldn't lend money to black people who wanted to buy houses in certain neighborhoods. She told us this was wrong. And that's why your Granddad works so hard [in the Senate] to make sure that banks continue lending money to the poor, to minorities and to women, not just to buy homes, but to start businesses."

Now that's what I call real moral values. That's the kind of person I wouldn't mind representing me in the Senate (Nothing personal, Chuck). By the way, in that same letter he predicted, not only his own career in politics, but also the two-term presidency of Barack Obama. This was a year-and-a-half before Obama even announced his candidacy. How's that for prescience? Not bad, Al! Not bad!

Tom Degan