Sunday, December 27, 2009

Joy Of Goin South

"Good Mawnin!"
It's so nice to hear that lilting greeting once again.
Yes, we've headed south.
We're here at our southern comand center on beautiful Hilton Head Island. And we're lovin it.
We just took a long walk under lush live oaks and tall pines.
You see, after the thieves in the United States Senate passed the dreaded "health care" bill we felt a need to head to a red state as soon as possible.
And what better choice is there than South Carolina?
After all, this is the home of Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. Senator DeMint is a new favorite of ours. And while we don't always agree with Senator Graham, he is a damned sight better than Senator Frank LOUTenberg or Senator ROB Menendez -- not to mention those horrid neighboring Senators: Benedict Arlen and Clueless Casey.
The sun has just appeared here on Hilton Head and we notice that the Democrat House Whip, Congressman James Clayburn is on Face the Nation and he's here in Hilton Head as well.
Democrats and Republicans can agree that surely, this blessed island retains its alluring appeal.

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