Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 10 Scrooges Of '09

This was surely the Year of the Scrooge.
So compiling our list of Top Ten Scrooges of the year was difficult because we had more than enough choices.
Anyway, here are the Top Ten meanest, most selfish, most despicable jerks of the year:
10. Nancy Pelosi: Private government jets, limos and other perks while the unemployment rate continued to soar and she continued to hoard her own $$$ for more cosmetic surgery.
9. Jon Corzine: Spent this year as he did most others -- lavishing $$$ on his own campaigns and self-glory. Alas, we finally sent him packing.
8. Senator Ben Nelson and Senator Mary Landrieu - You pay for extra $$$ for their states while they sell their health care votes to the highest bidder.
7. Timothy Geithner - Prints $$$ at an alarming rate, yet forgets to pay his own taxes.
6. Wall Street Bonus Boys - Those big, bloated bonuses seem to have no end, especially at Goldman Sachs.
5. Jon Gosselin - Drenched in instant fame, he allegedly neglects the support of his own family.
4. Major airlines - forcing us to pay for baggage and incidentals while adding other fees and raising fares.
3. Barack Obama - Laps in the luxury of a $9 million Hawaiian mansion while lending little or no support to unemployed and/or destitute family members.
2. Entertainment Ticketing Services - Hey, that $75 ticket is likely to cost you $20 or $30 more after you add on services fees and other charges while you do all the work, including actually printing your own ticket.
1. HARRY REID - Raises taxes, cuts Medicare, name-calls, threatens and intimidates while he feathers his own Nevada nest with sweetheart deals. This scoundrel even looks like Scrooge!

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