Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger By The Tale?

Here's a late-breaking news flash: Tiger Woods is a public figure. As an internationally recognized sports star, a blue-chip spokesman and a worldwide celebrity, whether he likes it or not (and apparently he doesn't) Woods is a public figure.
This isn't something that simply happened. Woods worked at it.
He practiced all his life, focused and trained to be a winner. And then he developed his skills as a public persona, pitchman and marketeer. Indeed, it's hard to turn on the TV, pick up a magazine or pass a series of billboards without seeing Woods endorsing a product or service somewhere along the way.
All of this has made Woods a billionaire. He's got so much money he doesn't really have to work anymore. And if he wants some form of imposed privacy, he can have it. Woods has got enough to buy his own private island and kiss everybody goodbye if that's what he wants.
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