Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baseball Dynasty? Which One?

I must admit that the talk of a new baseball dynasty after the Phillies won the first game of the world series made me a bit nervous.
Not that I'm not wishing and hoping -- even now.
But the whole thing was fueled by premature euphoria.
In my lifetime, there's only ever been one baseball dynasty. Only one.
And we all know who I'm talking about. They've just won their 27th world championship and goodness knows how many pennants they've won. That's what you call a dynasty.
As a wordsmith I learned long ago that words have to mean something. You can't just toss a word like dynasty into the broth for no legitimate reason.
Sure, we can be proud of our Phillies -- and we are. They're a great team. And I'll even take a moment here to reaffirm my faith in Cole Hamels. He'll be back. It'll be OK.
But the dynasty will have to wait.
From here on in, let's satisfy ourselves with one win at a time -- not just for the Phillies but for all the Philadelphia teams.

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