Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas In Historic Haddonfield

Over the long weekend we bucked the tide and avoided the malls and the big box stores.
Instead, we sought out small towns and independently-owned shops and we had a great time.
Every Friday evening through December 24 the charming shops of Haddonfield NJ (along Kings Highway and adjoining streets and lanes) offer candlelight shopping.
Tree branches are outlined in miniature white lights and the sidewalks are aglow in candle-lit luminaries. The street scape of this historic town is a joy to behold and the individual shops and shopkeepers are most welcoming. And candlelight nights also offer live music and other treats.
We always seek out The Owls Tale offering selected antiques, estate jewelry and Victoriana. Don't miss the window of this shop showcasing toys from yesteryear. You'll find Charlie McCarthy, Howdy Doody, Noah and his ark, dolls, carriages, wagons and other under-the-Christmas-tree treasures that you remember.
Another favorite shop of ours is the Haddonfield Floral Company. This place is always decorated so beautifully that you cannot resist a peek inside. The shop is festooned with thousands of lights, unusual trees and the most distinctive ornaments imaginable. Don't miss the unusual tree made of discarded light bulbs. It's wonderful!
We also took a stroll through the English Garden Gift Shop. You don't have to be an anglophile to love this treasure trove of all things British. Here you'll find many specialty foods, sweets, household and decorative items, authentic rugby shirts and gifts for the home and garden. If you've ever been to England you'll be surprised to find many of the same items here that you'd find in a British food emporium. If you've never been there, discover just how veddy, veddy fine it can be!

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