Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life On Corzine Beach

Corzine Beach is an idyllic place.
It's the place where zillionaire old geezers go to forget their troubles.
It's the place where they hang out with the Main Squeeze and just chill.
It's the place where they pretend it's still the sixties -- complete with surfer swim trunks and striped bikinis.
So what if they're bald and pudgy.
So what if their boobs and butts are sagging.
On Corzine Beach, everything is perfect again. And when you've got Corzine's dough, Corzine Beach can be anywhere you want it to be.
This time around it's St. Barths. Well, you didn't think it would be in Joisey, did you?
Here's the story from Faded Youth:
Former governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine has escaped the aftermath of his recent political defeat and the weight of his tumultuous and scandal-ridden term with a romantic holiday with his girlfriend in St. Barths. Years after his political term was rocked by rumours of his infidelity, which abruptly ended his 33-year marriage, Corzine started dating Sharon Elghanayan. The two arrived by private plane on Friday afternoon (November 6) to St. Barths where they quickly shed their clothes for beach attire to enjoy the relaxed romantic beach environment. Walking hand-in-hand on the sand, Corzine kissed the bikini-clad Elghanayan before sitting down to soak up the sunshine. The lovebirds have rented an uber luxurious villa on Flamands Beach.

Meanwhile, back in Piscataway life translates into a cold, steady rain, endless traffic, jarring potholes, soaring taxes, rising unemployment and bad jokes.
Corzine's last day can't come fast enough.

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