Monday, November 9, 2009

NJ Election Aftermath Winners

Now that the dust has settled after last week's New Jersey gubernatorial battle it's time to tally up the winners.
After Chris Christie himself (the obvious Big Winner) we now list (in no particular order) those who gained the most from last week's historic election:

Kim Guadagno: Smart, articulate and poised, New Jersey's first Lt. Governor is a real asset; a bright new star.

Gannett NJ newspapers: After a superb and well-times series on New Jersey's high taxes, the Gannett papers picked the right candidate.

Senator Tom Kean: Proved himself to be an adept political operator and a go to guy in Trenton.

Jersey 101 radio: The whole gang - Jim Geahart, Dennis and Michele, Casey and Rossi - helped to fuel the Christie campaign and keep Jerseyites focused as they bedeviled Corzine.

Assemblyman Jay Webber - Great new Chair for the NJ GOP.

Bob Ingle - Gannett Trenton guru and co-author of The Soprano State (along with Sandy McClure) Ingle is a powerhouse of information on the Garden State and a fearless reporter, columnist, blogger and the third New Jersey 101 Jersey Guy.

Senator Joe Kyrillos - Steered Christie campaign in the right direction.

Ocean and Monmouth counties - They're calling these two the new Hudson and Essex.

Governors Tom Kean and Christie Whitman - Not so lonely anymore, they're both class acts.

Rudy Giuliani - Campaigned for a fellow prosecutor, Giuliani could pick up the Senate seat in neighboring New York.

Conservative blogs - Most notably, Save Jersey, More Monmouth Musings and Conservatives With Attitude. They did us all proud.

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